Heartfelt thanks to all for a great event on

August 11 at the lovely home of Kathy Cowell

(with view). Special thanks to Alice McCurdy

who did all the arrangements and provided a

lovely feast.

We had a great turnout (Ann Dwelley, Linda

Sommers, Nancy Bell Coe, Patsy Blake, Ethel 

Larrabee (with husband Wim), Judy Milam,

Kathy and Stan Cowell, Alice McCurdy and Anne

Byerly) for our send off of our new freshman,

Melanie Zhang.

Melanie's parents and brother attended - they

are so proud to be Wellesley parents. She

graduated from Westlake High School and is very

excited to be starting at Wellesley where she will

live in Stone Davis and be on the swim team.

Also exciting is that Linda Sommers '89 will be

our Alumnae Admissions Rep. She has previously

served in that job and will be excellent.